How to Learn English the Easy Way

In today’s world, hundreds of millions of people want to learn English. Most of them sign up for English classes. Unfortunately, typical English classes are not an effective way to learn English. They produce very slow progress, especially after you reach the interme­diate level. Most learners, after years of attending classes, cannot speak English without making a lot of mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

1. Motivation: Become a person who likes to learn English.

You have to ask yourself, why is it important for me to learn English? Is it only for academic purposes? Are you traveling to a new country whose English is the primary language? Or are you just really interested in learning different kinds of languages? Whatever your reason maybe, learning English is an excellent life skill that almost everybody can benefit from.

2. Dictionary: Get a good English dictionary.

This is self-explanatory. Without being able to translate basic words into English, you would have a hard time understanding the language and constructing even the simplest of sentences. It is wise to always have a dictionary at hand so that when you put your English skills into test, you would not get easily confused, or worse, get other people confused! Having and reading a dictionary from time to time is also necessary to expand your vocabulary.

 3. No mistakes: Avoid mistakes. Try to use correct English from the beginning.

Correct yourself all the time. This is very important. Don’t fall into the habit of getting used to making mistakes and assuming that people will understand you regardless of your errors. Also, if you are learning as a group or with an instructor, it would be wise to correct each other’s mistakes. Not only will this improve your English speaking skills, it will also improve your listening skills. As time goes by, you would become better and better at recognizing your mistakes and correcting your errors even before you make them!

4. Pronunciation: Learn to pronounce English sounds. Learn to understand phonetic transcription and the phonetic alphabet.

Diction and pronunciation is very important in speaking English. No matter how good and wide your vocabulary is, people would not understand you unless you say the words in a correct and proper way. A good trick is to start speaking English at a slow rate. Don’t rush yourself whenever you are having conversations with people who are fluent with the English language. I know that most beginners tend to get nervous and go into panic mode when speaking to someone whose English skills are better than them. My advice, don’t worry about what they think of you. The best way to engage in English conversations is to relax, listen carefully and talk as if you are just talking to a good friend. People won’t judge you for your lack of English skills but if you look nervous all the time, they might judge you for something else entirely!

5. Input: Get English into your head by reading and listening to lots of English sentences, watching English movies and singing along to songs that have English lyrics.

Not only will this get you into the habit of learning new words and understanding good sentence construction, it will also be a good way to learn more about the culture and ways of English speaking countries.

Credits to: Antimoon


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