The Importance of Learning the English Language

I have come across a great article written by Mr. Don Soifer and published by the New York Sun discussing the importance of the English language.

The article suggests that learning how to speak and understand English has been one of the most important factors that help immigrants attain success in the United States.

In terms of immigrant economic success and social well-being, a wide range of studies have shown that learning English is virtually the single most important key to “making it” in America. It is a common source of tension for New Yorkers, or residents of any large city, when language barriers stand in the way in even the simplest acts of commerce.

Furthermore, it presents some statistics regarding how much more success is attained by an individual who knows how to speak English well over those who have a lack of the skill or are not yet fully equipped with the knowledge of the language.

Once an immigrant has been in America for a significant number of years, those who speak English very well earn 67% more than those who speak English poorly.

The employment opportunities and income of young adults who speak well in English are also much higher than their counterparts.

Similarly, employment rates and income are substantially higher among these young adults than among their counterparts whose skills aren’t as strong. And even in ethnic neighborhoods — where exposure to both learning English and hearing about mainstream jobs is often hindered — evidence suggests that the benefits of English fluency are just as strong.

The article then concludes with the following statement,

The best way for immigrants to achieve the American dream is to learn English — regardless of whether it’s our official language or not.

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What do you guys think about Mr. Soifer’s article? Do you agree with his statements or not? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions through the comment box below.


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